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What They Say About Us


Really love my powered brows already and they are not even finished yet. I cannot wait to see them after the top-up. Alison was very professional and talked me through the whole procedure in great detail. She was very thorough and a perfectionist, not caring about the time as long as she was happy with her work. Her workspace was very clean and beautiful. I would really recommend her. Thank you, Alison, see you again soon, Danielle

Sharron Keegan

soo me and my mum finally got the courage to go get our brows powdered at wakeup2makeup. with Allison. she books each of us 3 and half hours each so it was a long day but it actually didn't feel that long. I'm so happy with the eyebrows. They give you a boost of confidence and make me feel more put together. I 100% recommend Wakeup2Makeup to everyone who asks about them.. she sits down and talks you threw the process first. Alison is the sweetest person. any questions you have she answers an makes u feel comfortable all the way threw.. I even feel like she became my therapist at one point haha. so happy words cant really explain. thank youuuu so much can't wait for the top up already haha xx

Katie Cox

Alison made me feel so comfortable and relaxed when doing my eyebrows! Never felt so confident in someone! Listened to what I wanted and made sure they were perfect before we started! And I have to say my eyebrows have given me the confidence I need they are just amazing!! Thank you so much ❤️❤️

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