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Nano brow procedure at wakeup 2 makeup Kirkby, liverpool


A More Confident You

Digital Hair-stroke Brows or can be called nano brows are the next generation of microblading. The technique of Hair-stroke  Brows uses a tattoo machine with single needles to inject the pigment into the skin, because the Hair-stroke technique does not cut the skin. It is less painful during the treatment and It is less invasive. This method causes less trauma ( bruising and swelling ) on the skin than microblading, it tends to retain the pigment in the skin more, this is because it does not involve slicing the skin, with better lasting results. 

Microblading is cutting the skin in order to implant pigment into the skin and in some cases, microblading can cause scarring of the skin over time the microblading heals blurred, 

This permanent makeup treatment is not suitable for oily or mature skin and an alternative of ombre powder brows would be more suitable 

  • Microblading uses a razor-like tool to cut and push the pigment in the skin. 

  • Hair-stroke  Brows use a tattoo device and a single needle to inject pigment into the skin. It’s virtually pain-free and can be done without any numbing.

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